Australian Skrill Phone Pokies

Skrill is one of the industry’s oldest and most respected e-wallets, first established and operating under the name of Moneybookers. It has a great support base so is available at almost every mobile Australian Pokies casino, and can be used on almost any handset smoothly. It’s a great choice for Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users alike. To learn more about how it work, read our thorough review here.

Skrill is Simple to Set Up and Use

Skrill is refreshingly straightforward to set up, and using it is as easy as playing your favourite Pokies game. To register, all you need is a current email address and a valid bank account. Complete your registration on the company’s user-friendly website and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of moments. You can transfer funds from your bank account into your e-wallet almost immediately, and then into your mobile Australian Pokies account, all from the palm of your hand when using your smartphone.

The first thing you need to do when making deposits is navigate your way to the casino cashier interface and choose the Deposit option. Follow a few prompts and the money will soon be available in your casino account, ready to be used to spin some reels and win some prizes. Cashing out is just as easy, and making withdrawals from your e-wallet is also simple although slightly more involved for extra security. Withdrawals are only done via bank transfer, and you usually need to make a formal request to the Customer Services Department and to supply other documents like bank statements. Your funds can take up to seven days to clear, but you can be totally confident that they will.

Mobile Casino Safety and Support Features

Allowing withdrawals with bank transfers only is just the beginning of the list of safety measures that Skrill employs. The company is also regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority and guarantees every payment, whether in Britain, Australia or anywhere else, in its own right. You also never have to share any of your banking details, and all your information is protected by the world-renowned Payments Card Industry Data Security Standards encryptions. Besides this, a team of security experts is on constant alert to identify and deal with any threat.

Another team of experts, this one made up of competent Customer Service Agents, is also on constant standby to help you with any administration concerns. For smaller issues, the company’s FAQ page is also usually comprehensive enough to answer your queries. You are looked after in every way, so you can relax and focus all your attention on your Pokies game.

Win with Skrill on the Go

Aside from all the benefits we’ve already mentioned, using the Skrill system in Australian mobile casinos brings you even more rewards. You will be part of a fabulous loyalty programme made up of four tiers, and will get to enjoy free prepaid credit cards, personal account managers, lower transaction fees, exclusive bonuses and all kinds of other treats. The more you use this fantastic system, the more fantastic the system becomes.

Play for AUD at Top Mobile Casinos Online

Managing your money in mobile Australian pokies casinos always needs to be as convenient as playing games on the go is, especially when you are using your smartphone to do it. The Skrill system is definitely up to the challenge and will make spinning the reels even more of a portable pleasure.